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Professional Environmental Educator Certification Course

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Join our bright and experienced instructors, and people from across the Commonwealth who share an interest in environmental education, for this fun and informative course.
The four workshops will provide you with great ideas for activities to use in your own work and a thorough understanding of environmental education best practices. Participants who complete the course requirements will receive the designation, "Certified Professional Environmental Educator." ​​ ​
"After offering this course for a decade, KEEC has found an increased level of camaraderie and professionalism across the field of environmental education in Kentucky. Graduates of the course are better able to offer quality services and programs on behalf of their organizations, benefiting the entire commonwealth." (Elizabeth Schmitz, KEEC Executive Director)
"I have learned so much! I have an understanding of EE [environmental education] Guidelines, good practices, & clarification of the field. I enjoyed gaining new knowledge & skills that improve my ability to teach environmental issues. I have new resources & an EE network available to me I didn't have before." (2013-14 course participant)

"This class has been extremely beneficial. Learning the history of the field, networking, etc. has really helped me in my job. It's also given me a better background to build my programs on and to do EE more effectively.​" (2013-14 course participant)​

Photo of Field, Forest, Stream activity
Above: A Project Learning Tree activity in Workshop 1 - Field, Forest, and Stream
Join the course to:
  • Learn new EE techniques and best practices
  • Network with fellow educators
  • Improve your organization's programs
  • Support professionalism in the field of environmental education 
See the Course Format page for more information about the workshops and assessments.
The course is accredited by the North American Association for Environmental Education. Graduates certified in Kentucky are eligible to apply for reciprocal certification in other states with accredited programs.​​

Certification Renewal

Certified Professional Environmental Educators are required to renew their certification annually by completing Continuing Education requirements​​.

Who should become certified?

The course is for anyone interested in educating others about the environment in formal or nonformal settings, especially those who are interested in connecting their work to the Kentucky Core Academic Standards.​
All kinds of educators
Typical course candidates might include ​staff or educators at:
  • nonprofit environmental and educational organizations
  • state or county agencies
  • K-12 schools
  • parks
  • nature centers
  • extension offices
  • conservation districts
  • libraries
  • health departments
  • zoos 
Photo of 2013-14 course participants 
Above: The 2013-14 class during Workshop 1 at General Butler State Park 
​Learn from each other 
“I very much appreciate the diversity of roles & programs from our group! We formed valuable relationships & support structures for advancing our diverse EE goals & initiatives.” 
(2013-14 course participant)​
The course is open to anyone 18 years of age or older who has a high school diploma or GED. Applicants are not required to be a member of any environmental education organization.   
College Credit
College credit is available and can count toward the environmental education endorsement offered at several state universities in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Contact KEEC for details.