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Partner with EELCorps

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​App​​ly to Host an EELCorps Member​

The process to become an EELCorps service site partner has 3 major parts. The Application, Application Narratives, and Training. 

Please view Site Application guidance  and then download the Application to host an EELCorps Member.  

Please review important deadlines and dates below: ​

Application Due
May 17, 2024 
Application Grading Window
May 20-24, 2024
Sites Selection Notice goes out
May 28, 2024
​Site Partner Training begins
​June 3, 2024
Service Site Agreement released 
June 10, 2024
Service Site Agreements due.
August 1, 2024

Required Quarterly Site Partner VIrtual Meetings
Summer Meeting
Tuesday August 6, 2024 @ 2PM 
Fall Meeting
Tuesday November 12, 2024 @2PM
​Winter Meeting
Tuesday February 4, 2025 @2PM
Spring Meeting
Tuesday May 13, 2025 @2PM
​Summer Closeout Meeting
Tuesday August 12, 2025 @2PM​

*All times are in Eastern time. ​

​​What to expect? 

Partnering to host an AmeriCorps EELCorps member is a collaborative effort between service sites and EELCorps Program Staff.
Service sites are responsible- with program staff- for recruiting, training, and supervising an AmeriCorps member for up to 12 months.  

Service site partners can apply to host a variety of service member slots. 
-1700-hour members serve full-time averaging about 37.5 hours per week. 
-900-hour and 450-hour members serve a modified schedule. 
The EELCorps goal is to increase environmental literacy, and EELCorps members do this by focusing on environmental education (EE). From informative hikes to traditional classroom instruction, EELCorps AmeriCorps are permitted to do a wide variety of EE! 

The organizations we partner with will have a need within their community to increase their reach or EE offerings that an EELCorps member can help meet.

​Service Site Cost Share

Each EELCorps Service Site Partner is expected to contribute a site cost share. This cost share is a percentage of the EELCorps member living allowance and allows the EELCorps program to provide the best experience possible for our AmeriCorps members. The cost share rates are as follows: 

​Member Slot Type
Cost Share​
​Full-time 1700 hour member
​Half-Time 900 hour member
​Quarter-time 450 hour member