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Course Format


The Professional Environmental Educatio​n Certification (PEEC) course consists of four workshops, typically held at camps and outdoor research areas around Kentucky, with one in an urban area. See the Course Application and Schedule page for specific information about this year's course.


Participants are expected to participate fully in classroom instruction and complete all assignments. Average work time outside of class is estimated to be between 30-60 hours. Assignments are submitted in class or by email.

National Guidelines and Kentucky Standards

The PEEC course is based on the Guidelines for the Preparation and Professional Development of Environmental Educators, developed by the North American Association for Environmental Education (NAAEE). The course also relates content to Kentucky Academic Standards.

Support Services 

In order to assist with completing certification requirements, KEEC staff will provide the following at the request of course participants:

  • Accommodations for special needs
  • Accommodations for participants without Internet access
  • Mentors


The course includes five assessments based on the NAAEE Core Competencies for Certification Programs:
  • Environmental Literacy Exam
    • A written exam on general environmental subjects.
  • Environmental Issues Forum and Paper
    • Structured deliberation of a contemporary environmental issue
    • Research and critical analysis of sources
    • Reflection and personal position
  • Reading Assignment
    • Written essays in response to a series of readings on the general history and philosophy of Environmental Education.
  • ​Teaching a Lesson
    • Teaching and evaluating an environmental education lesson.
  • Unit of Study
    • The written culminating assignment where the lessons outlined will incorporate all the principles of teaching, learning, and assessment that have been taught throughout the course.