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​​​​​​​Regional EE Networks: A How-To Guide

Regional environmental education (EE) networks can help increase the quality and scope of EE initiatives, ultimately advancing environmental literacy, environmental behavior, and community well-being. The following guidebook is built off the experience of Kentucky’s first two regional EE networks and informed by the North American Association of Environmental Education's (NAAEE) Community Engagement: Guidelines for Excellence. This guide is designed to give interested participants and funders an understanding of the benefits of EE networks and, perhaps more importantly, provide the tools and knowledge to initiate new EE networks.

Download the How-To Guide [PDF, 6.2 MB]​​

​Kentucky Environmental Literacy Plan (KELP)

The Kentucky Environmental Literacy Plan is the result of a two-year collaboration of environmental education experts that outlines seven major goals to ensure Kentucky's high school graduates are environmentally literate.  The Kentucky Board of Education has approved the implementation of the KELP along with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).  As part of the KELP, KEEC has also correlated national environmental education guidelines with the Kentucky Core Academic Standards (KCAS).

KELP correlations and other accompanying documents.

EE Master Plan

By statute, every five years KEEC convenes representatives of agencies and organizations from across the state to collaborate and create a master plan for improving environmental education in Kentucky. The first master plan, Land, Legacy, and Learning, was completed in 1999. Updated versions were completed in 2004 and 2009. The most recent version, Land, Legacy and Learning IV, was published in 2015.

EE Master Plans for Kentucky.

EE Surveys

By statute, KEEC must “monitor and report periodically on environmental literacy in Kentucky.” KEEC, working with the University of Kentucky Survey Research Center, completed the first survey of environmental knowledge, attitudes and behaviors in 1999. The second survey was conducted in 2004; the third in 2009.

Surveys of Kentuckian's Environmental Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors.


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Past newsletters.

Home Inventories

​​Modeled after the Kentucky Green & Healthy Schools program, KEEC offers Home Inventories for homeowners and apartment renters to assess the efficiency and sustainability of their homes. ​