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Comment on the 2018 Revisions

The Kentucky Environmental Literacy Plan was updated in 2018, and is now available for review and comment: Kentucky Environmental Literacy Plan - Revised June 2018
Send comments to by August 31, 2019. Be sure to include specific references to the document, including page numbers.

Kentucky Environmental Literacy Plan (KELP)

Kelp coverIn 2011, the Kentucky Board of Education approved implementation of the Kentucky Environmental Literacy Plan (KELP). To view the KELP and accompanying documents, click the links below.


EE Correlations for the Kentucky Academic Standards

EE correlations for KCAS coverAs part of the KELP, KEEC has published correlations for the NAAEE K-12 Guidelines for Learning and the Kentucky Academic Standards for Math and Language Arts. To view the correlation documents, click the links below. 

EE Curricula based on Kentucky Academic Standards

New environment-based curricula, aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards, were developed as part of the process of implementing the Kentucky Environmental Literacy Plan: NGSS logo

Elementary School Unit of Study: Interdependent Relationships in Ecosystems (ELA and science)
Middle School Unit of Study: Comparisons in the Natural World (math and science)
High School Unit of Study: Human Impacts on Biodiversity (science)